How best to sell your home in LEE County Florida

As a real estate agent, sometimes I’m representing a buyer, and at other times a seller.

Obviously, my “mission” is different for both of those types of clients.

But, since I’m representing you as a seller, my mission is pretty simple:

To help you sell your house for the highest amount the market will bear in as short a time as possible!

I can’t and won’t promise “quick.” How long your home takes to sell depends on a lot of factors (many of which we’ll address in this guide). However, I can assure you that I will help you sell it as quickly as possible.

And while I can’t predict exactly how much the market will bear, I can assure you I will help you get as much as the market will bear.

But much of this depends upon you as well! Getting the best results only happens when clients make the best choices and decisions along the way, which this guide should help you do.

Before we do anything else, we need to determine an accurate market value for your home.

I’ll do a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) which will help us determine a likely range that your home should sell for.

In the analysis, we will look at similar homes to yours which have:

  • Recently sold
  • Are currently under contract
  • Are currently active on the market

This will also help us determine an appropriate price to list your house for against the current competition and considering the current market activity.

I’ll give you my objective perspective and advice as to how much you should list your house for. While I hope you take my advice, ultimately you decide on the list price for your house.

However, the buyers in the market ultimately determine the market value of your home. It is only worth what a willing, ready, and able buyer is willing to pay. That should be in line with the value we see in the CMA, as long as there are no major changes within the market and you make the right decisions on pricing right from the start.

Many homeowners tend to overprice their house when they first hit the market because:

  • They believe they should have “wiggle room” to be able to negotiate to the price they want to get.
  • They simply hope that someone will pay more than the market data indicates.
  • They price it based upon what they “need to get” in order to sell their house.
  • They add every dollar of improvements they have made to the house over the years onto the data-driven value.

When an owner over-prices, for any of these reasons, they usually lose the market’s interest by being out of line with the market. This causes their home to sit there, accrue days on market, and cause the buyer to wonder, “What’s wrong with the house?”

So, before we even go over the market analysis, my best advice is to listen to the data and price your home accordingly. That’ll end up saving you a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

One of the most basic, but also most important, marketing tools we’ll use to expose your home to the entire market is the Multiple Listing System (MLS). (This is also what we use to help determine your market value.)

This MLS is a database of almost every home on the market, and it’s what other agents use to find the appropriate homes to show their buyers.

Years ago, the MLS was only able to be seen by real estate agents, but nowadays, even buyers have access to see the houses listed for sale on it. No matter where else they may be looking, every serious buyer is definitely watching the MLS to see what comes on the market.

So, I’ll certainly make sure that your home is on the MLS and presented in the best possible light...from photography to a compelling description of your home, all the way down to making sure that every piece of information on it is accurate.

  1. This is so important since your MLS listing is what will “feed” your listing to many other websites through what is called an IDX system. That way, your home will show up on almost any website a buyer may be looking at.

    My Marketing Plan

I’m sure one of your biggest questions is “What are you going to do to market my house?”

While the MLS will do much of the heavy lifting to expose your home to the market, it may not be enough to reach the entire market.

  • What if there’s someone out there who isn’t exactly in the market but would love your home?
  • What if someone is just casually waiting to see the right place come on the market?
  • What if someone has no intention of moving at all, but then they see yours is on the market, and the next thing you know they’re chomping at the bit to buy your house?
  • What if someone who drives by and admires your house every day sees that it’s on the market?

Those are just a few of the “what ifs..."

The MLS is certainly important, but so is all of the additional marketing I will do to make sure anyone who may be interested in your house also sees it.

Here’s how I will be marketing your home beyond the MLS:

  • A yard sign of course!
  • Directional signs from the main road into your neighborhood.
  • Ads in my own Magazine and paid Facebook Ads in Europe and Canada
  • Postcards sent out to My farming area and the Neighborhood
  • My personal agent website
  • My company website
  • Social media
  • There are over 50 Internet programs where your Home will be advertised.
    Including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Zillow, Trulia,,

While that should cover almost every marketing angle possible, if you have any specific requests, just let me know and we can certainly discuss working it into the marketing mix!

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